Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers consists of spring which determines posture and cushioning buffer action and a damper which suppresses vibration.
On 2-wheeled vehicles, shock absorbers are separated into the categories of the “front fork” and “rear cushion”.
The rear cushion:

  • Maintains a posture of the vehicle.
  • It eases the thrust of shocks on rough roads.
  • The rear cushion prevents changes in the contact forces between the rear tires and the road surface, conveys the driving power from the rear tire smoothly to the surface of the road, and creates conditions that conduce excellent traction as it maintains the power of the vehicle and damping capacity.

The shock absorber includes the front absorber and back absorber. The back absorber is simple and made up of absorbing spring and damper.

It has good bounce and it’s always unable to take-down. Some of the back absorbers has the adjust items which can adjust spring’s flexibility.

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