Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle gloves, regardless of what type of riding they’re designed for (racing, touring, cruising, adventure, offroad or general street riding), usually come either in “gauntlet” form or “shorty” form.

The gauntlet type gloves feature long cuffs that cover the wrist and some of the forearm. These are safer because of the superior support, padding and armor they offer for one’s wrists. Of course, they can be uncomfortable and hot in warmer weather.

Which is where short cuff gloves come in. Usually, they cover only the bottom of the wrist and thus offer little to no wrist protection. If you are not riding at high speeds or in inclement weather, however, they do provide fairly decent crash protection.

Like many other items of motorcycling equipment, a good pair of motorcycle gloves can be rather pricey. However, just as with other vital pieces of riding gear, coughing up a few extra dollars upfront for a high-quality pair of motorcycle gloves may well save you a few hundred or thousand dollars in medical bills down the line. Hand and wrist injuries often require complex surgical procedures to repair, and we all know how expensive pretty much any kind of surgery usually ends up being.

Alright, so it’s pretty obvious that you need to wear a sturdy pair of gloves whenever you ride your bike. Why can’t you save a few bucks by just buying one? In GMAnians we have lots for you to choose from. Visit our Facebook Page for availability or Contact Us now.