Motorcycle Riding Gears

Safety Gears

It’s really important to do everything you can to keep you safe by wearing proper riding gears. Most motorcycle crashes result in injury or death. So how do we keep safe? There’s actually a lot of safety measures that we can do to enjoy the ride and avoid accidents.

Rider wearing riding gears

Of course, first that we can do is to wear safety riding gear. Wear long pants and sleeves made of leather or another thick, protective material. You can also use gloves, eye protection and durable boots that cover your ankles. When it gets colder, don’t forget to add layers or invest in heavier gear designed for the temps.  Wear bright colors and add reflective elements to both your clothing and bike.

Below is the list of the motorcycle gears that we can use:

  1. Helmets
  2. Jackets
  3. Pants
  4. Boots
  5. Gloves
  6. Suits
  7. Armor

Good gear will keep you comfortable in a wide range of situations, and when you’re comfortable you’re a better rider. Gear that is uncomfortable, ill-fitting, or otherwise fails at its intended purpose is at best a distraction, and the last thing a motorcyclist needs is a distraction.

We at GMAnians, always prioritize the safety of our customers so we offer only the best and high quality riding gears. Simply visit our shop or like our Facebook page for product availability.