Motorcycle Headlight


OSRAM LED Motorcycle Headlight Bulb (T19 /1 LEG)

OSRAM Headlight

If you ride a motorcycle on a public road there are rules about the type of headlight and reflectors that must be fitted to your motorcycle. That rules aim to prevent accidents and protect the lives of road users. 


Motorcycle side-cars must have:

  • One white position lamp
  • One red rear lamp
  • One red rear reflector

Use of a Motorcycle Headlight

The headlight should be dipped in the following situations:

  • Meeting oncoming vehicles (for example, vehicles coming towards you from the opposite direction)
  • In built-up areas where public lighting is provided and special speed limit areas
  • In times of poor visibility (for example, heavy fog, snow, rain or dust)
  • Traveling behind another vehicle
  • When failing to use your headlight would cause an inconvenience to other road users

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