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Regular cleaning of a motorcycle air filter not only improves the health of your bike’s engine but also leads to a comfortable ride. Keeping your engine supplied with plenty of fresh air is essential to it running at its full potential. Maintaining your air filter is one of the most often overlooked parts of motorcycle maintenance! It is used to shield the engine from dust and debris in the air and improve airflow. It is also designed to enhance acceleration and raise the horsepower of the motorcycle.

Below is the list of the advantages of changing air filter:

  1. Increased fuel efficiency: Biggest reasons to change filter? Studies prove that replacing a dirty air filter increases fuel mileage by as much as 14%. Regardless of the exact figures, it is obvious that a clean air filter improves airflow to the engine and increases engine performance and gas mileage.
  2. Reduced emissions: Clogged air filters reduce airflow to the engine, literally choking it. It affects the emission control systems of the car causing an incorrect air-fuel mixture and lead to serious driveability.
  3. Prolongs engine life: It is designed to trap damaging dirt and debris that can damage internal engine parts such as the cylinders and pistons.
  4. Inexpensive and quick fix: An air filter is one of the least expensive maintenance components to replace and can be done by doing it yourself.

We do have different types of Filter that fit the model of your bike. So, are you going to change the air filter? Simply send us a text or message us on our Facebook page for help