Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are one of those things that you don’t think about every time you ride your motorcycle. They are not part of the normal pre-ride checklist like tires or turn signals. But, they can’t be ignored completely. At some point they are going to need to be replaced. It can tell you quite a bit of information about the condition of the motorcycle. 

If you check your owner’s manual, you’ll probably find that your motorcycle dealer recommends you replace it roughly every 15,000 to 16,000 miles. However, the actual timing of replacement will vary depending on other factors.

Luckily, it don’t require replacement very often and can go years and many miles before replacement is a must.

By the time spark plugs reach old age, they’ve spent thousands of miles enduring abuse and withstanding the most extreme temperatures and conditions to stay intact. That’s where the importance of spark plug material comes into play. The stronger the material, the more durable and long-lasting the spark plug. Naturally, though, every spark plug undergoes wear and tear, materials aside.

The primary benefit is knowing your car will start without a hitch. Needless to say, that’s not all that matters. New spark plugs provide a lot of other performance benefits as well.

Most auto manufacturers suggest having new one installed about every 30,000 miles; however, it’s longevity depends on the condition and type of spark plug. Copper plugs, for example, have the shortest life, while plugs made of more advanced and durable materials can provide up to four times the life of a copper spark plug.


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