Motorcycle Tune-Up

So, are you planning to bring your motorcycle to the shop and have it checked and tune-up? In this blog, we will discuss as to when your bike needs tuning.

For the most part, there are two common, distinct applications of “tune” in motorcycle engine technology. The first is where a stock machine is serviced or tuned up, and the second is where an engine is highly modified or race tuned. 

Why Tune?

The objective of tuning is to improve the volumetric efficiency of the engine. In other words, the engine will, after tuning, produce more power from the same displacement. It is very important to understand that tuning a single item (fitting bigger carbs, for example) may not in itself improve performance but will, used in harmony with other modifications, produce the required results. Also, fitting aftermarket tuning parts may not result in the hp increase the individual items claim to provide. For example, 10 items each claiming a 10 hp increase may not give a total of 100 extra horsepower, as they may not work in harmony (i.e., in tune) with each other.

In Conclusion

Over the years, almost every type and design of the motorcycle engine has been modified to improve its performance. However, an owner must be very clear as to why, and how, he or she is going to do this. Manufacturers spend many hours designing an engine that will perform under many varying conditions, including hours on dynamometers to optimize the design. Making an engine produce more power without reducing its reliability appreciably is a challenge to any would-be tuner.

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