How to inspect a motorcycle engine oil?

For this, you will need to visually inspect the motorcycle engine oil is in condition, including the oil level inside the crankcase.

Depending on the make and model of your bike, there are 3 ways to inspect the oil:

  1. Use the oil level dipstick. Simply pull out the dipstick to determine the condition of the motor oil. If the motor oil looks watery or extremely dirty (if the color is blackish) then it is probably time to change the oil.

The dipstick will also tell you the amount of oil inside the crankcase. There is a HIGH and LOW marker in the dipstick. The correct oil level should be between the HIGH and LOW marker of the dipstick.

Remove the oil level plug. The oil level plug is a threaded hole located in the side of the crankcase. Simply remove the plug or bolt using a wrench to check the condition and the level of the oil. Again, if the oil is extremely dirty, you should go ahead and change the oil.

Use the oil sight window. Did you see a clear plastic window with HIGH and LOW marks on the side of the crankcase? This will tell you if the engine oil is dirty, or if the oil level is low.

However, using the oil sight window is not the best way to check if the oil is dirty, but it will at least give you an idea of the general condition of the motor oil.

Keep in mind that the normal color of used oil should be brownish to slightly black. This means that the motorcycle engine oil is doing a good job of cleaning and protecting your engine.

Dirty Motor OIl

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